Asian Civilization Subject

11:12 AM Ritz 0 Comments

Every Thursday is the day for my Asian Civilization subject. It's my minor subject in nursing course and I don't give too much attention to this lesson. What's the connection between Asian civilization in nursing anyway? I don't care!

Just this afternoon, we had our quiz about the capital cities and map quiz. First thing we did was to supply the capital cities while our teacher say the countries. It runs smoothly but after yy teacher called this classmate's of mine... he asked "What is the capital city of Bangladesh?". My classmate who is no how said, "I don't know sir... I don't want to recite since I didn't study your lessons, I was busy doing our case presentation". Shoot! That was a tactless one! He made our teacher really mad! My teacher shouted " I don't care a damn in your major subjects, I've given you 1 week to study that! No excuses". Wew that was not a good attitude.

But anyway, maybe he was not really in the good mood. Maybe they had a fight with his wife! hehehe.. who knows... Hay.. teachers!