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Since the day I was born... I'm blessed to have a dad and a mom. They took care of me and raised me like this. And I'm thankful of that. Daddy is my number one man in this earth and same to mommy. I love them both.

Daddy is such a workaholic person. He wants do something everyday when he's at home... like fixing his car, creating some stuffs that I don't know. And he always want me to massage him. ^_^ Those days were really great but now, those moments are gone...

It was on wednesday, 1am, when my dad suffered a stroke. And right now he's in the hospital with my sisters. Daddy cannot move his left side body because the doctor said that his left brain suffered from hypoxia (less blood supply to the brain).

I could not imagine what happened to him. Just last night, I talk to my dad I taught him how to use the yahoomail. Hays, pls help me pray for my dad's recovery. It would be very helpfull.... Thank you....