It's time to buy some goods!

7:31 AM Ritz 0 Comments

My mom called at home and requested me to come over to the city to buy some food to eat. I admit our refrigerator was so empty (but not now). So, I hurriedly went to the grocery store and buy the important stuff today (you know, goods are expensive now... so better buy those that are needed). Okay, I bought all and carried the goods that was to me important.Thankfully, all the stuff we bought cost for only about Php 2,500. ^^

Okay, we had the goods now, and it was time to eat. My mom decided to eat at zoey cafe (the usual restaurant we ate our snacks). I ordered lasagna and iced tea as usual... my mom ordered the same. We chit-chat a little... talked about my school and tuition fee. It was kinda "bonding" time for me. After we ate our snack, I went home immediately and my mom went to nowhere. La, idunno maybe she had some appointments or something! Well, nothing much interested today. I'm just thankful that I'm still alive! ^^