Breaking the rules!

6:56 PM Ritz 3 Comments

I was at school this afternoon taking my post-test exam. I answered the 100 item test within 1 hour but with the help of my best friend. Lol. The exam was just to evaluate if there was any improvement after we had a review. But ya know, we are such a crazy students! What we did was we divide the work... so that means, 50 items for me and 50 items for my best friend! And what's the best part of it was, we exchanged test papers! Lol. We are such bad students!

Anyway, cheating is not the only stupid thing we did today. We also stole the paint brush from a painter at school. Huhuhu... we're very sorry manong painter. Hays, I dunno why we did it... trip lang!


  1. tsktsk pasaway... hehehe... anyway come to think of it, those who survive in this world are the street-smart (maparaan), and not the intelligent ones, right?

  2. hahahhaha... oo! kaw ha! hahaha

  3. Haha, oh wow Ritz! :) your friend sounds cool, but as for that painter person...I hope he's/she's not obsessed with painting..:) My friends and I do stupid things sometimes too, sometimes it's just fun, you know? But I never hurt people doing it and I'm sure you don't either. Oh wow, you have just given me inspiration for my next post! Thank you! :)