Hows the review?

6:23 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Oh, it was quite tiring... the review was a little bit boring. The reviewer discussed about auditory and musculoskeletal problems. I learned but not a lot because I was very sleepy. My eyes were closed already but my ears were listening! Lol! Well, after the 2 topics, we had our lunch break to fill our empty stomach for us to answer all the practice questions... but sad to say I did not come back in the afternoon. I was at the student lobby playing the damn rubiks cube! I don't know how to solve it... even my classmate taught me already about the pattern! I guess I need a little more practice! Hays, my head really hurts because of playing the cubes! Ammff!! It takes time to be a master of it! As the saying goes "Practice makes PERFECT!"