Intensive Care Unit

2:23 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Hello guys, I just want to share with you about my duty in ICU. I had my duty in the ICU from 3pm-11pm. We have 3 patients in. One suffers from Hemorrhagic CVA, the other one from stroke and the young women from aortic aneurism. Hmm... ICU setting is very crucial. Patients are nearing death. I false move of the health care team, the patient would die.
ICU exposure is awesome since you will learn a lot of things. Like suctioning, NGT, caring of tracehostomy. Use of ECG, ventilator and etc. The tiring part in the ICU is to monitor their vital signs eery hour, or somtimes every 15 min. Wew. sweat it is.
I thought that staffs in the ICU would be very strict, but hey they are so friendly. They share knowledge, ideas and skills. ICU is so crucial but nice.
What I really don't like in the ICU is to see the families crying. And also, what I don't like too... is that, you will witness how the person die. And what's his/her face looks like.
Sum it up... Intensive Care Unit exposure is the time for us to learn many things. An opportunity for us.