My white water rafting adventure continued...

8:50 AM Ritz 0 Comments

As I promised I will post my river rafting experience here. To start with let me introduce that person who wears eye glasses. That's my best friend Hans Jason. He invited me to join the river rafting. **Give a round of applause** hehehe.. Anyway, I woke up around 7am to get my self ready cause it was said that the rafting would start at 8am... unfortunately, it started around 10:45 am. Arg... pinoy time talaga.

So, we put the life jacket on, wear our helmets and hold the paddles. The guide started to explain the basic stuffs that we should know... the paddle thingy... Well, I didn't pay attention to him because I was looking at the river... After he explained everything, I immediately jumped into the raft and find my place. Okay, okay... now were paddling! The rafter guide told us that there were 14 rapids to go! Hahaha... the first rapid was totally scary! I think because it was my first rapid experience! Lol. The second rapid was awesome too... There were rapid that we are allowed to stand up! Totally cool! All of the rapids were AWESOME!!!! The unforgettable part there was when I jumped at the river because the guide said so... and he instructed us to stay on the left side where there is a enormous rock but unluckily... I did not stay on the left side so I missed the rock! I was so scared because I was already far from the raft! Huhu... so what they did was to paddle fast because the next rapid is so near! Fortunately, they got me out of the water! Whew! I tell you, river rafting is addicting! I am planning to raft again. This time I will try the advance stage! Yahoo!!!! I'm so excited to give it a try again! ^_^