Sad and Confused...

4:19 PM Ritz 0 Comments

I slept early last night but I woke up late this the morning. I don't know why I feel tired today... my mind is restless and confused. Lots of things were coming in my mind and it's making me nuts. I just could not understand what is happening to me now... I usually find my self staring at the wall... staring blankly... so, I decided to go to church hoping to find rest... and yes, indeed... I found rest in the church. I was singing this song entitled "Two hands, One heart" by Don Moen. It touched my heart and soul. It opened my mind to reality. Now, I know why I was sad and confused... My heart is far from God. I don't spend to much time of Him anymore... not like before. "I am really sorry, Lord. Forgive me for being a stubborn child. Forgive me...."