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8am in the morning, I was already at school waiting for my clinical instructor. I tried to review what I have studied last night... All of my classmates were already nervous about the oral revalida... and of course, me too. It was 8:30 already and my classmates started the oral relivada but my group was still outside waiting for my C.I.

At last! Around 9am my C.I came. He said to one of my groupmates "Find another for us to start the oral revalida". I was kinda confused why we need to transfer to other room...well, in fact that was the assigned room... My groupmate found a room for us to stay and so, our C.I started talking..."I know that this is already your last year in nursing and you have studied already these diseases. So, I'm giving all of you a bonus. YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR OWN TOPIC AMONG THE SEVEN DISEASES". After hearing those words, I was so overjoyed! Imagine you choose a disease your good at! Huh! no sweat! For me, I'm good at BURNS.So, I chose to discuss all about burns and got 90 above grade! Hehehe... Cool Huh? That was a SUCCEsS! I should not be happy because written exam is still coming! Till here!