2nd Generation Ipod Touch

8:39 PM Ritz 0 Comments

What's good about this 2nd generation ipod touch?

Loads of new games are coming to the Touch, where you use the touchscreen and built-in motion sensor as controls. Here are some titles you might want to check out.

Need for Speed Undercover: Amazing graphics and tilt steering make this racer an iPod keeper.
Shaky Summit: Shake and top the iPod Touch to create avalanches, make it wain stalactites, and help your mountaineering dudes reach the top!
Touch Grind: Just like the Tech Deck toys, you put two fingers on the touchscreen and use them to dish out some cool skateboard tricks!

You could play games in the old Touch too... what makes the 2nd generation one stand out?

  • It hooks up to the new iTunes 8 and Nike +iPod
  • It's much cheaper than old iPod Touch
  • It's crazy thin and super-light
  • It's finally got a longer battery life... and a built in speaker.