8 Things No oneTells You About Marriage

10:29 AM Ritz 1 Comments

In real life, it does not always end Happily ever after...

1. You will look at the person lying next to you and wonder, Is this is it? Forever?

2. You'll work harder than you ever imagined.

3. You will sometimes go to bed mad (and maybe wake up madder).

4. You will go without sex - sometimes for along time - and that's OK.

5. Getting your way is usually not as important as finding a way to work together.

6. A great marriage doesn't mean no conflict; it simply means a couple keeps trying to get right.

7. You'll realize that you can only change yourself.

8. As you face your fears and insecurities, you will find out what you're really mad of.

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  1. so do i really find this fact after i got married?