Hepa B mother = Hepa B baby?

11:44 AM Ritz 0 Comments

Yesterday, I was able to assist a normal delivery with a Hepa B client. The pregnant mother was unaware that she already have a Hepatitis B until one of the nurse told him that she's reactive to Hepatitis B virus. We were being told by our clinical instructor to be careful on the blood of the patient and avoid pricking needles because Hepa B is transmitted only through blood or sexually. Now, the question is... A baby born with a postive Hepa B mother can inherit the Hepa B virus?

Hepa B virus cannot pass to the placental barrier, only the Hepa C virus. But during the delivery, the blood from the mother will enter the eyes of the baby which can also be a portal of entry of the hepa B virus. So, that means... it is possible to inherit the Hepa B virus during the delivery.