Hmmm... google update?

4:08 PM Ritz 2 Comments

I wonder if Google did his update already? It's too early I know because google did his update last september, riight? But when I check this blog it got a Zero Pr from N/A and my classmate also got a PR 1 from N/A. I checked my other blog but still the same. I also check my friend's blog , still it's the same. Maybe google has a selected update? Well, I really don't know. How about you? Did google update your blog? Hays, google. Next time you update my blog, hopefully there will be a green bar on my page rank. Hehhehe


  1. Actually hindi lahat ng website nasasama sa update ng google lam mo kng bakit? kasi depende ito sa backlink at visitor mo i consider mo na rin yung target keywords mo, kng marami kang backlink at visitor at maganda ang keyword phrase na ginagamit mo sa blog mo for sure once na mag update ang google masasama na ang blog mo. sana makatulong...

  2. ahh.. ganon po ba? Akala ko kac sabay2x lahat! ^_^ salamt sa info