How much time do you have for God?

9:29 PM Ritz 2 Comments

People are so busy looking for money, searching for fortune, looking for love and looking for nothing.

I admit that I've been busy with my internet life. I've been blogging everyday... spending a lot of time hopping, dropping, and writing here in my blog to earn traffic and of course, money... because of this, I forgot to spend more time with the very important person in my life... and that is Jesus Christ, my God. I forgot to pray in the evening coz I sleep late at night doing my blogging life. I don't know but blogging has consumed most of my time... and I know that's not good.

Just this evening my mom told me to take a break and let myself have a rest. After I heard those words, I realized that I haven't eaten my lunch and dinner yet. Wew! see what blogging can do! It can make you forget your meals!
I guess I need to discipline myself and budget my time. I'm sure my Lord is not happy about this. I need to spend more time to Him! How about you? How much time do you have for God?