My Sassy Girl

4:48 PM Ritz 3 Comments

Have you watched My Sassy Girl already? How was it? Was the romantic-comedy movie good? Hmm... well, well, did you know that this movie is one of my ultimate favorite Asian movie? Yep! My Sassy Girl is really indeed a nice love story. This is a story of a girl who lost (dead) her beloved man and met another young man. But of course, it was not that easy....this sassy girl could not easily get rid of her boyfriend just like that. She had a hard time forgetting her man... she was afraid to start something new. So, she decided to go to other place, leaving the new man in her life whom she love also. She wants to think clearly and do the right thing.

There are more exciting stories to that. I cannot write the whole story here. If you have time, do watch My Sassy Girl. A lot of teenagers here like this movie. Many lovers can relate to this movie. So, you have to watch this too... especially to those who love watching asian movies. Click Here to Watch the Movie.


  1. Hi...Can I suggest you that you post the movie with the download link so that I can watch it.. Haha...I haven't watch but wish to do so...


  2. watch it here

  3. this movie in the korean version is funny when I watched it.
    However, the remark in the U.S is not and sometimes is boring.