The Truth About Love

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What is really love? Have you asked that question already? Here are some definition about love.

LOVE demands Change. Love finds away. The very nature of love demands change. Think of love as rain - as something that falls and changes leaves, flowers, ground, landscape, and earth. When rain falls, nature does not try to defeat its power. It alters itself instantly and searches for the rain for optimum growth. The resilience of nature is dependent on its ability to change quickly. And so it is with love.

LOVE is a Mystery. Mysteries do come to light, like how old couples grow bent and wrinkly yet still snog like teenagers. When we love, we touch on something much bigger than the things we perceived. And that love leads to growth, and change, and constancy, and all that good stuff. Other mysteries have yet to receive any illumination. The young dramatically pronounce they'll die for love, but living it day in and day out is a much stranger, more difficult, and far more profound experience. You'lll find yourself doing some things you never thought you'd do, including painful sacrifices.

LOVE is Powerful. Only love make one patient and understanding, more generous and kind. Only love can make one enjoy little pleasure such as a chocolate bar, listen to what the other has to say, reach out and comfort him, say sorry and mean it. Love is truly a powerful force in the universe. Love give soul. Love make life worth living.

LOVE is Precious. They say a love one's death changes you. Yes, that's true. Love from your love ones are precious gifts that you received. Their time are important. Value their love while they are still alive. Love is freely yours to give and express, anytime, anything to do with it is to just show it. Better yet, show it now.
LOVE embraces differences. No matter how different you two are. Love accepts that difference. If you are a sporty person and your partner is not. You are willing to embrace and accept it. No matter how opposite you are, love is willing to embrace it.

LOVE is Easy. We can get easily fall in love with someone. Love can consume us easily.

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