What will I choose?

5:00 PM Ritz 0 Comments

I will graduate soon this coming March and I'm starting to think what field in nursing will I choose or what field will I be comfortable?

There are different kinds of fields in nursing namely, Military Nurse, Hospital/Institution Nurse, Clinic Nurse, Private Duty Nurse, Company/Institutional Nurse, School Nurse, Educational Nurse and etc. With all these fields, I'm quite confused where I am good at and which field will I be successful? A Hospital Nurse? PDN Nurse? I really don't know which one.

I realized that being a nurse is not easy. I know there are many people taking this course because they think they can earn money with this course. But I tell you, being a nurse is not that easy. You are liable for your actions. Each nursing care you give to your patient is your responsibility. If ever you gave the wrong medication or the client had an overdose. You can be sued for that. So being a Nurse means ZERO errors.