Wordless Wednesday...

9:51 AM Ritz 0 Comments

As you can see, I don't have a post yesterday because there's nothing in my brain to write about here and also, I was so busy in my other blog making the opportunities. But ya know, I can't leave this blog... I love girlblogger.net. This is my online diary. So, here I am posting something.

I would like to write here about my exam yesterday. It was a total failure. I arrived at the school late for about 50 minutes. I manage to answer the 160-item exam within 1 hour... but I don't think so that my answers were right. It was a rush hour! Could not think clearly and understand the questions because I was thinking that I could not finished it on time. Actually, I did a little guessing thingy to answer those hard questions. I don't what would be my score with the exam. Hopefully, it will be satisfying.