Coincidence or planned?

8:10 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Our church is having their Christmas party today at the beach. It is located somewhere in Misamis Oriental. The place was kinda uncivilized. I mean, there were no street lights and it was so dark.

Anyway, I decided to go home early because I have a duty tomorrow. I was waiting there for a bus with my brother to because bus is the only means of transportation during night time. We waited.. waited... waited. We could hardly recognized if the one approaching us was a bus already because it was dark. So, what we did was to wave our hands every time there's a vehicle coming to us. Silly. Because it was too dark, the driver maybe could not see us that's why they kept on passing us.

Anyway, I took my phone and light it so that it may serve as a signal that somebody wants to ride a bus, unfortunately, buses kept on passing us. I just wonder why. It's impossible that they can't see us. Hmmf... I guess there were already 7 buses that passed. Well, here comes the 8th bus and at last it stopped. I got up in the bus and saw some church members looking outside the window as if they were looking for their destination. They said "hi" and asked me where the party is held. "Oh boy! this is the place", I replied. They hurriedly went off the bus.

Now I understand why buses kept on passing me... ^_^ Everything has a reason. Lesson learned.