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After the tiring day of gathering data for my thesis, I decided to give my self a break and watch what my friend had told me to watch: DAISY. I thought this movie was the same as what usual Korean Movies are. But I was wrong.

Daisy is tragic love story. This is about a cop and assassin who fall in love with the same girl (Jeun Ji Hyun from My Sassy Girl).

Everyday at 4:15, someone would send her a daisy at her doorstep without knowing who send it. She was eager to who the guy was without knowing that the guy was just looking her from a far copying what she is doing.

One day, a cop came to her and asked her to paint him and it so happened that the cop had a daisy with him. She thought that the cop was the one sending her a daisy everyday.

Watch the movie here and know what happened at the end.

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