Delahoya and Pacquiao's Fight!

9:00 PM Ritz 4 Comments

The world stopped when pacquiao and delahoya's fight started. Everyone was at steady state. All of them watched the fight eagerly without blinking their eyes. Some of them were shouting as loud as they can to show their support their favorite boxer.

I was waiting for a jeepney before the game started. I waited for 20 minutes. I thought all of the drivers were watching the show because there were only few vehicles in the high-way. I don't know why workers stop from working just to watch the game. I guess, the fight was really important to them. Well, I can't deny the fact that I'm one of them.

Congrats to Manny Pacquiao! But I still love Oscar Delahoya because he's handsome. Lol


  1. wahhh I thought I was the only one!!! I am a big fan of oscar dlh. eversince I can remember.. It was hard staring at him with his messed up pretty face. lol I was rooting for manny and just kept saying just knock him out to get it over with.. I had very mixed emotions last night lol.. I am a fan of both of them and watching the other one bit the crap out of the other one seems like a band-aid ripped out form my skin!

  2. nice nice....saya...hey got an award for you you might want to check it out....

  3. hahaha pacquiao's english is funny.