Fruits Basket

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Fruits Basket is a comedy-romance anime. This anime follows the life of Tohru Honda, a high-school student who was orphaned when her mother Honda lived with her grandfather, but when his grandpa's house needs reconsruction, Honda was forced to live in a tent at a forest and holds down a part time job to support herself.

One day, Honda found a house in the forest that was owned by her classmate Yuki Sohma and Shigure Sohma. When the Sohmas discovered that Honda is living in a tent, they were quite surprised by her inner strength.

The two Sohmas decided to let Tohru Honda to stay in their house for a while. As Tohru was living in the roof of Sohmas, she discovered the secret of the Sohma's Family.

What is the secret all about? It's up to you to discover. Watch Fruits Basket!

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  1. what a great anime!!! thanks!
    here is something I thought I'd share just casue I really do like YUKI!

  2. I love <3 fruits basket, especially the manga (which is much longer...23 vols o_o;;). takaya natsuki is my idol ><

    btw i love your site layout! who is the girl up top?

  3. i like fruits basket, but how many books are there