Gifts for everyone!

11:26 PM Ritz 0 Comments

It has been our tradition that every Dec 24, we are gathered in one place to celebrate Christmas. Since Christmas is the time for giving, my sister prepared a gifts for us. I mean, lots of gifts to each and everyone of us in the family. Look at that presents!

Now I know why she was not around for 3 days. She was busy buying those stuffs! I can't believe my sister bought this all for us. I mean, how kind-hearted she is. Anyway, my big sister Joy is not joining us this Christmas because she is in Cebu right now... I don't know why she won't go home. Which is important to her? Her family or her own interest. Well, she's big enough to choose what she think is right! Bleeh! you'll miss the happiest they of your LIFe! Lol.