Let's Bolt In!

5:25 PM Ritz 1 Comments

Dog days are back again with the newest powerhouse pup to woof his way onto the silver screen BOLT!

Bolt is the star of the hottest TV series in Tinseltown, defending his pal Penny with his superpowers and battling the evil Green-Eyed Man. Because he grew up on the set of the show, Bolt think his power are real - a huge problem when he gets lost in New York City.

What powers do Bolt got?
  • Dual Audio Detector
  • Evil Plot Sniffer
  • The Jaws of Justice
  • Fluffy mood indicator
  • High-speed power paw
Where can you find that kind of Dog? Nowhere? Only Bolt obtain those powers!

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  1. I have to watch this. Just watched Wall-E this morning. Twas a sweet movie.