Looking for another romantic asian movie!

2:28 PM Ritz 3 Comments

Hello their guys! I want to watch another romantic Asian Movie but I don't know what to watch anymore. Any suggestions? I would like to watch a nice romantic movie. Here's a list of Asian (Romantic_ movies I've watched:

1. My sassy girl
2. Secret
3. A Moment to Remember
4. Daisy
5. Wind struck
6. Il Mare
7. Innocent steps
8. The Classic
8. Jenny and Juno
9. My Tutor Friend
10. White Valentine
11. My Little Bride

If you have any suggestion, please do leave a comment. Amm... I don't like series. I just want to watch a 2-hr movie. Since, I don't want long stories.


  1. "Baby and I" is also nice.. watch it at crunchyroll.com

  2. How about dramas? I watched the following and they're pretty good too.
    Last Present
    Daddy Long Legs
    Millionaire's First Love
    Seducing Mr. Perfect
    Love Me Not
    Love So Divine

    Can't remember the other movies I watched na. Try either Taiwanese or Japanese movies as well.