Nursing Management Class

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Last Sunday, we started our Nursing Management Class. My teacher said that this subject will end on Friday. Hmmm... this lesson is all about how to manage your workers, resources, tasks and etc. Yes, all about management. It's kinda boring, especially if your teacher don't have sense of humor or skills that would make the class lively and interactive.

Well, I got mountains of fact sheets here to study. I'm a little bit tired of reading this fact sheet. It gives me a headache. Grrr... I can't imagine the class tomorrow. I bet it will be too boring. Ammp.

Anyway, I was surfing the net and saw this news about President Bush being thrown by a pair of shoes. A journalis Iraqi threw a shoes on him. Luckily, P. Bush is good is dodging.

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  1. Oh yes I know all about that management stuff. I have to take that class next semester fun fun. Can you believe someone threw a shoe at Bush lol? I am surprised the dude didn't get tackled by the secret service or something! Good luck studying!!

    Sarah :-)