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Like I told you guys, I'm into Asian Movies lately. Just a while ago I was watching this romantic movie, Secret also known as "The Secret That Cannot Be Told". This is unique romantic between two excellent piano students.

High school student Lun (Jay Chou) transferred to the school that his father is teaching at. On the first day of his school, he met a cute and mysterious classmate Yu in the piano room. The two immediately had a mutual feeling and develop a shy romance around piano playing and bike riding. Inspite of their close relationship, Yu remains a mysterious and distant girl as she is often absent from school and seems to be full of secrets. When Lun tries to ask Yu, she whispers to him that she has a secret that cannot be told, a secret that can tear them apart.

If you want to watch the movie, CLICK HERE!

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  1. Ritz,

    I love romantic movies. I call them chick flicks hehe. That movie sounds great..I might check it out. If you like love movies...The illusionists is a good's not Asian though but American but love is love anyway you put it.

    Sarah :-)