Smartbro and My PLDT DSL Speed Test

12:28 AM Ritz 4 Comments


Yesterday, I was curious about my broadband speed. I mean the difference between my two internet connection: Smartbro and PLDT DSL Xperience.

I asked my friend Jason about it and he introduced to me This is a Global Broadband Speed Test. You can access your intenet connection speed in this site. Here's the big difference between my previous (Smarbro) and present (Pldt Dsl Xperience) internet speed.

PLDT MyDsL Xperience
(This is the one I'm using now)

( My former internet connection)

Look at the big difference! MyDsL Xperiece have higher kbps download while Smartbro got only 375 kbps. This two internet connection is worth 999/month and look at the difference? BIG, right? Huh! If you are still using a Smart Broadband or planning to , better switch to other services like PLDT myDsL as soon as possible!

Well, Smart BRO is not that Amazing Broadband! Lol

Note: I was able to compare my previous broadband (Smartbro) to my present internet connection (Xperiece) since the disconnection of Smartbro will still be on dec.24,2008


  1. Great speed difference from the same from ultimately the same company. Hehe.

  2. this is my net speed at home using BayanTel 786kbps line "DAW" [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

  3. we just recently switched to Digitel from Smart Bro ourselves...

  4. I am surprised Superb..Nice article..I like the Broadband Facility without broadband we can't connect to the Internet..I using the Airtel Internet connection for my Laptop & Office PC'S i check out it's uploading & downloading speed using the site