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I want to tell you guys, things that had happened in the past few days, lately, and recently. Let me share it to you one by one.

School Ramblings:

For the past 3 days, I had my LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT lesson. It was all about leadership, types of leadership, how to be a leader, what to do and what to day and etc. The lesson also discussed on how to manage your employees/patients correctly and what specific type of management to use in every situation.

The lesson was good because of my good teacher. He delivered the lesson nicely. She used different kinds of teaching strategies so that her lesson will be interactive and lively. Yes, she's really a good teacher.

Anyway, a while ago we had our long quiz about MANAGEMENT. The exam covers about 20 pages of our manual book. The exam was easy if you study. Lol. It was hard for me because I was not expecting that type of exam would be identification, fill in the blanks and enumeration. The type of exam I expected was essay and matching type. But still I manage to answer some of the questions. I hope so.

CAT Bite:

Our beloved baby Ezekiel was bitten by a Cat. The bad thing is, it's our own silly cat. Ezekiel was bitten at his lower thigh... poor Ezekiel. He's only 10 months old.

We rushed him to City Health around 10 am to get him an anti-rabies vaccine. He needs to have a 3 shots of vaccine and each shot costs 650 pesos. He got his first shot today at his left and right upper arm. Our Ezekiel cried when the needle penetrate his skin. :( It's okay Ezekiel, it's for your own good.

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  1. so its 14 days after na.
    is it time to kick out the cat?