Update on Girl Blogger

10:02 PM Ritz 2 Comments

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since my last update here because of some technical problems of our PC. I was not able to access my internet connection but anyway, I'm thankful that my brother fixed it.

So, how are you guys doing? How's your day? I bet some of you have a great day and some are having a bad day. Well, that's the way life is, right? As for me, I'm so busy at school because a graduating student is busy completing her requirements for graduation. Yip! I'm going to graduate this March. Oh! I can't wait! I want to get my diploma and step into another level. I mean, I want to be a nurse and work in the hospital.

Anyway, it's almost Christmas. I'm sure everyone of you are excited this Christmas especially the gifts you will receive and gathering of family once again but don't forget what is really the meaning og Christmas, okay? It's celebrating Jesus birth. Godbless everyone! Have a nice day!


  1. And oh, your birthday is coming. Hehe. You forgot to mention that.

  2. ayaw saba ya! mabulga ta! hehe