Am I naughty?

7:06 PM Ritz 3 Comments

I had my Nursing Law and Ethics lesson just a while ago and it was totally boring, just like my other subjects! Duh? Who would enjoy learning those stuff! Anyway, to entertain myself I borrowed a magazine from my classmate. It was totally entertaining. It's not a men's magazine hap! Don't think dirty things. Na-ah-ah. It was a clothing magazine for men. Of course, all the models were totally hot guys. Lol. I mean, they were so handsome! Yes, when I say handsome... it's really super handsome. My seatmate which is my sister also joined my fantasy... Ooops, I mean "fun". Not only my sister but also my classmates who were sitting in front of us. Hahahaha. The funniest part was my Clinical instructor was discussing and we were giggling around. Hays, life of a student..

"Sorry Ma'am, we just want some entertainment so that we will not be sleepy in your class. I hope you'll understand us.


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