Add Emoticons on your Blogger Blog

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Want to be more expressive on your blog? Then, better use Emoticons. Here's how to add emoticons on your blogger blog. /hihi

1. Sign in to your blogger blog, and go to Layout > Edit HTML
2. Type the following line of code before the head section of of your template.

Look at the picture below:

Click to enlarge

Yahoo Emoticons
: ): P
: D:-D: ) )
= ) )=)= D >
MSN Emoticons
/ wa ha ha / hi hi
/ o m g/ n o
/ dig nose/ s w e a t
/ s h o c k/ f l o o r
/ h m m/ X D
/ b l u r/ b l u s h
/ no big deal/ p l e a s e
/ b y e

Take note that in order to call up the emoticons in your blog post, there should be no spaces in between the characters. I include spaces in the list above because I do not want the javascript to convert them into emoticons, so that you can see the characters.
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  1. wow i like ur tut! :h: but mine didn't work.

  2. wow wow imma tries this and i hope it works:)

  3. i hope this will work on my blog..thanks....:-)

  4. Hihi, ^^ nice blog. Do you think you can help me, how do you add emoticons to your comment box?? please help!!:a:

  5. Nice one... I just plugged that into my blog, and it looks great... Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thx for info...
    nice emoticons

  7. is there any way to use your own emoticons for it? because there's a really cool site with TONS of cute ones like the onion head ones. and i wanna use those.

  8. this emoticons works on all blogspot/blogger blog.

  9. thanks for the prompt works for one time, after that it doesn't show up again? Hat are the possible causes? Thanks