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I was watching Stardust movie last night with my sister and brother. Stardust is a fiction movie by Paramount Pictures, directed by Matthew Vaughn. The movie is based on Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name.

The movie was about this young boy named Tristan Thorn (Charlie Cox), a shop boy and is totally infatuated with the prettiest girl in the village named Victoria (Sienna Miller). But Tristan has a rival, who Victoria prefers and who humiliates Tristan in front of her. One night, Tristan convinces Victoria to come out to a night time picnic to look at the stars.

Under the same stars, on the other side of the wall in Stormhold, the King is on his deathbed, in the company of his still-surviving sons. The King takes the Power of Stormhold, a large ruby, and throws it out into the night sky, declaring that "he of royal blood" who first finds the ruby will become the next ruler of Stormhold. The stone turns clear and shoots up into the sky, colliding with a star, which then falls down to Earth.

Tristan, who is desperate to win Victoria's affection, claims he will bring to her the fallen star by her birthday, as that is the only way she will agree to marry him. Will he get the star? Found out by watching STARDUST!


  1. I love this film - Claire Danes is fabulous as the star, she's got such a vulnerability about her, it's beautiful!

  2. I love this story. I first read the book then immediately watched it. It was more of comedy for me than a love story really.. :h: Although I didn't like the Main actors, I loved all the supporting ones.
    It's a great movie. ^^,

  3. Watching the movie stardust, I learned and realized that the movie industry is not that easy. I wish to direct instructional dvds but I am now hesitating.