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... I am now done with schooling. Last March 29, 2009 my sister and I graduated in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It was a great day for us two because it means that we finally made it. After 16 years ( 18 years for my sister) of studying we can finally go out every night! Just kidding. .. Well, it's not over yet, we are only halfway our journey towards reaching our success. We still got a long way to go. Anyway, here's a picture of me (rightmost), my sister (second to the last on the right), our eldest (leftmost) and my mother.

On the photo, my sister is wearing a medal... I mean medal... *laughing*. I was honored with academic citation... It means no grade below 86 to all subjects. I did not expect to get this award because I'm such a stupid girl. Hahaha. But anyway, I would like to thank you to God for being there always, to my parents for supporting me and to my friends who are so good to me. Thank you all... ^_^


  1. congrats imotousan
    im proud you are graduation

  2. congratulations! where's the party? ;)

  3. wee ayus!! congratz !! paburger ka!! haha :>