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I woke up today feeling so rested. I thought it is already 8am because that's my usual waking hours but it made me wonder why my sibling are still sleeping...my and dad are also sleeping too.

I got out of the bed and looked at the clock. Gosh! it's still 3am and I'm not sleepy. It's kinda odd you know waking up early and didn't even feel sleepy. Well, it's okay if I sleep early but duh I slept around 11 pm. Hmm... it's too odd... what an odd morning it is...

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  1. If I wake up in the middle of the night, it is always between 3 - 3:30. A holistic doctor told me one time that it is the hour when cortisol levels in your body fall off, and that cause one to wake up. Maybe you wanted pizza!