Am I ready or not?

7:44 PM Ritz 2 Comments

"Am I ready or not?" I usually ask that question to myself whenever I think about the Nursing Licensure Exam. I'm quite anxious really... and I'm getting more anxious thinking that the exam will be on June 6 and 7. 5 days to go, right? The sad part is... I'm sick. I have cough and colds... my head hurts and my body loves to sleep this days... I think it's been 2 days that I haven't studying eagerly. *Coughs*

There's nothing I can do now but read what my sister and I posted on the wall. Hmm...I will just leave my burdens and worries to God. He's my comforter and I know he will take care of me. Hopefully, I will be okay before the exam.