Cockroach on the Loose

10:11 PM Ritz 2 Comments

Last night, my sister and I were sleeping on the same bed... sleeping like a baby not until my sister detected a cockroach using her sense of smell. Yes, believe it or not... my sister can detect a cockroach using her nose. I don't know the reason behind it but that's the fact. Okay, we woke up around 1:25 am because of the stupid cockroach and got back to sleep around 2am. Wew, damn cockroach! I woke up again at 3am because of the fear of the "comeback" of the damn roach! Lol. Anyway, I was able to sleep back and woke up at 7am. ^^

...7am passed and here come's 7pm. Another cockroach was on the loose. I asked my Yaya and Yayo to kill the cockroach but they did not kill the cockroach... instead they used it against me. Yip! They want to scare me. My Yaya got the roach and threw it on me. I was jumping and shouting like crazy! Bad Yaya and Yayo! Hays, I'm really scared with roaches. They are "eww" , "yucky"and I want them to be killed! Yes, KILLED! Well, maybe I should ask the DOH to ERADICATE ROACHES! That would be so nice! Hahaha Lol!


  1. Check this out since you hate the crawlers:

  2. OMG. I HATE COCKROACHES TOO. they are so gross :d: