Firefox 3.5 - Not compatible with Entrecard toolbar

9:03 AM Ritz 3 Comments

Duh! Why can't entrecard update their toolbar so that it will be compatible with other firefox versions or other browser like internet explorer, google chrome and etc. Is that how lazy entrecard personnel is? Nyay! Sorry for being mean... hehehehe... Can you please just make your toolbar available to all browser? I bet your entrecard members will be happy if you do that! Tsk. More powers.

... just voicing out some rants... Lol.

Oh! If you are having a hard time looking for the firefox 3 (compatible with entrecard toolbar), you can download it here. Have a good day!


  1. Yah, every application should keep up with firefox updating. :D

  2. Here you can download a compatible version for the new Firefox!!

  3. Hey tnx for the link... now I can drop with the new FireFox version