The Man Who Killed 100 Boys

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Javed Iqbal Moghul

Last night, I have watched a documentary about a man who killed 100 boys within 200 days. He is Javed Iqbal Moghul, a smart man from a respected and wealthy family in Pakistan. It was on 1992 when he was accused of raping two young boys that brought shame to his family. Due to this incident, her mother died of heart attack and all their possessions were gone. Afterwards, Javed Iqbal Moghul became a murderer, killing 100 young boys.

He murdered his victims by poisoning or strangling them. He then dispose their bodies by placing their bodies in a barrel with an acid solution. Their bodies liquefy in 12 hours and thrown into a river.

The horrific documentary shows how he committed the crime without someone noticing it. Javed Iqbal Moghul was found guilty of killing 100 boys and he was sentenced to death. A death sentence just as he murdered the 100 boys. He was cut into 100 pieces and his body was poured with acid solution infront of the victim's family.