Suicidal Brother - Accident? I doubt.

9:08 AM Ritz 1 Comments

Just this early morning, my brother's helper called at the house that my brother attempted suicide. He is in the hospital right now. Stupid brother! He doesn't even have any money to buy milk for his children and now he attempted suicide? Gosh, does he have money to pay the hospital bills? Stupid! He was not thinking what would be the result of his action. I really am mad at him. Where will he get the money to pay the bills? From my mom?dad?sister? Oh brother! Grow up!

Okay, a different story again. His wife told me that it was an accident. He cut his fingers while he was cutting the meat. Hmmm... true? I don't know, maybe? The doctor told her wife that my brother has to undergo tendon repair. It's a procedure where the doctor connects the tendon to the muscle. Tsk, another payment eh? Duh!

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