Cooking: Got no skills

9:55 PM Ritz 0 Comments

I am already 21 years old and still I don't know how to cook good meals. I only cook all frieds! Yup, fried chicken, fried fish, fried egg and and fried turkey. I admit that this type of cooking doesn't need a skill because even children can do frying! Lol. But remind you, it's not that easy to fry because of the boiling oil. It can go into your and burn your skin unless you have the awesome Oilless turkey fryer! Yes, no oil means no burns! This turkey fryer uses infrared technology to cook an entire turkey without using any oil, resulting in a safer, healthier alternative with the same gourmet flavor and texture. Totally cool right? Definitely, I will buy oil less fryer soon! How about you?

If you are interested to buy one, this is available @!