I'll be missing you guys

8:51 PM Ritz 1 Comments

My nephews just traveled today all the way to their home - FLORIDA. They were picked up by their father. /no I will miss you guys. Our house is so quiet without you... All of you were here in Philippines for 1 year and a half... We enjoyed so much being with you Joshua, Justin and Shan. I will miss our plays together with the online games, I will miss your noise, your "kulitness" and I will miss scolding you guys. Tita is lonely. When will I see you again? I hope you will come back here in Philippines soon but I bet not /floor hoping...

Justin,Shan and Joshua, be kind to your mom and dad there. Be a good boy, okay? Don't give your mom a hard time. Study hard guys especially to Shan. You need to study test taking skills. /bye bye for now my handsome nephews... See you again!

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