Weekend Reflection: The Desires of Your Heart

12:10 PM Ritz 0 Comments

We know our desire impact every single of our lives. What is one thing that you desire? Is it relate to money, health, relationship, self-esteem? We all have desires, sometimes their good but sometimes their not so good.God has desires for us! How do we get these desires? How does God grant it?

Desire reveals our characters, our thoughts, motivation, and action. It also reveals what's important, our priority in life. Some people have a lot of desires but don't have concrete (changeable) desires. Remember, you can sacrifice, achieve the wrong desire but God desires that is good for us. He wants us to desire what he desires for us. Are we willing to accept the desires of God?

What is your no. 1 desire of your heart today? What is the no. 2, 3? What is the nature of that desire? End up with disappointment? ruined your life?

What are the requirements to have these desires? desires of God for us...

1. Delight yourself in the Lord. Do you love his word? Do you take pleasure in following Him? Obeying Him? Are you spending time with Him? Delighted in Him means to have pleasure with God.

2. Commit your way to the Lord. Tell God that this is the desires of my heart and I'm willing to commit it and I'm going to trust it to you... Remember that the best time is in God's time.'

3. Trust in the Lord. We know that you don't commit somebody if you don't trust Him. When God doesn't let your desires to happen, there is a divine reason that he doesn't want you to have.

4. Rest in the Lord. Yes, rest in the lord and wait patiently for Him. It's easy for us to get disappointed if God doesn't give what we want but then we have to wait patiently because God knows what's best for us.

5. Wait patiently for the LOrd. It's difficult for us to wait when our desires are so intense. The stronger that desire the quicker we want it. The more intense our desire the harder to wait. God has the reason why His delaing to get what we want. God has the best for us.

God knows what you and I desire. He know how we respond. Some of our desires once we got them we don't want them. Sometimes we end up disappointed. Also, once we got them we realized that is not our desires. Wait patiently because they get the best who wait patiently and became much wiser.