Blogger # 4 Winner

12:39 PM Ritz 2 Comments

Congratulations Kat for winning the blogger layout no.4. Here's the result of the Randomizer.

Thank for the joining my contest. Oh, Kat, please email me the title of your blog so I can edit the header. Thanks. email me at


  1. oh gosh...i didn't expect this bec i know you have lots of fans here hahaha. but im happy anyway. I'll email you tonight after cooking lol.

    thank you so much sis. I joined the contest bec i heart your header haha.

  2. hahaha i sent email yesterday but it sent back to me. i type the wrong email add..haha i type nitz_ instead of ritz_... haha well, i will send you email again today.

    have a nice day.