Discover New Music

8:43 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Are you fan of listening to music? What kind of music? Classic? Pop? Jazz? Rock? or Alternative music?  Well, If you ask me I love listening to Alternative in the morning and Classical music in the evening. This two kind of musics is what I really enjoy listening at.

I grew up in a family who dislikes music. Yeah, my dad and mom don't like music unlike me, their daughter who is a music lover. I don't know where I got this character of mine... maybe from my grandparents? That I don't know.

Anyway, I  found an amazing site where you can listen to NEW SONGS and find NEW ARTISTS. This site is called OurStage - Discover New Music. I find this site very cool because I found good songs and singers that I haven't known. 

If you want to listen to new music with new artists, I recommend you to go to Discover new music! Don't keep listening to old music you like but explore and listen to the songs of different artist. I am very much sure that you will love this site just like I do. Go now and join me in my new favorite music site