FREE girly blogger layout: SMILE

5:29 PM Ritz 4 Comments

Gosh, I am having a pink addiction! Have you notice it? Lol. Here's another free layout for you ladies!


  1. Oh God! I love this one. Haha. Hey, can you help me with my other blog. :(


    It is still using the classic template. But I want to retain the background... and and and and... a better header I think... :)

  2. jezzz, I love this lay-out ...I am having pink addiction too. I should download this one..thanks..nice talent.

  3. Sana parang ganito lang yung pinkville ko! Haha!
    Saken na lang to... Lagyan na lang ng magic card yung balloon at hearts! :)

  4. Wow! nice template. I love also pink. How to avail you r free template? Can we exchange links?