Happy Birthday Justin

11:34 AM Ritz 0 Comments

/hihi Happy Birthday Justin. I miss you Justin. I miss how your brothers and you mess the house. I miss scolding you guys. Tita misses you so much... all you do I miss it. How are you doing there Justin, Shan and Josh? I heard all of you gain weight? That's a good news.

Anyway, Justin, what did your mom gave you? Did she give you a toy again? How about your Dad? Did he give you something? How I wish I could be there and celebrate your birthday with you. But hey! You are there and I'm here. I would like to give you a present Justin but you are far... If I send it today, you will receive it after 2 months. Hehe.

Don't worry, when you grow up I will give you a seiko diamond watch. The one you see on the mall long ago? I don't know if you still remember it. You were so young back then. I don't know if you like this when you are grown up now. Lol.

Well, for now I will give you a toy and candies? I am sure you will love this. Hope to see you Justin, Shan and Josh. Have a good life out there! Love lots ~ Tita Ritz