I want a bathroom makeover!

3:03 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Our bathroom is totally not good. We have shower but it so ugly compared to that shower cube on the left. Gosh, I would be so happy to have a bathroom like that. I could spend 2 hours taking a bath if our bathroom is as beautiful  with that black-shiny shower room.Unfortunately, ours is not. Snap out Ritz! Back to reality! Nah! there's nothing wrong about wanting a beautiful bathroom, right? So continue...

Okay... this black and white shower is so cool and elegant. The design is amazing! Many people will love this. It's simple yet so clean. Perfect for those who are obsess to bathrooms! I mean those who love beautiful bathrooms. /wahaha

Here's another rich-type bathroom. Perfect bathroom for ladies. Love it! How about you? The lighting adds beauty to the bathroom. Totally 10/10 score for me.

More samples of bathrooms here!