Love to cook?

12:31 AM Ritz 0 Comments

That's hard to answer but if you revise the question to "Love to eat?". Definitely, I will answer "Oh, yeah! I'd love to eat. 100% eater lover".

Honestly, I don't know how to cook but if I have good kitchen wares and utensils... maybe, I will give it a try.If mom will buy a Waffle Maker , I will cook a waffle. If dad will buy an Oilless turkey fryer ,I will cook a turkey for them every evening.  If sister will buy a Corelle Dinnerware Sets, I will prepare a beautiful breakfast set up for them. If all the beautiful and good kitchen equipments and materials are available, I would definitely cook everyone a meal.

Then, I can answer the question " I LOVE TO COOK".  Check out kitchen stuffs @!