My anime of November: Nabari No Ou

8:54 PM Ritz 2 Comments

Nabari No Ou, another anime to watch! An anime filled with Action, Comedy, Drama, Ninja and Supernatural. This 26-episode -anime series is about a boy named Rokujou Miharu who obtain a hidden technique (hijutsu), the power of creation inside him.

A lot of ninja from different clan seek to possess the power of the hijutsu in order to become the king of the ninja world but his friends Kouichi and Kumohira is bound to protect Miharu from the hands of the enemy.

Could his friends protect Miharu and the power of Hijutsu? Watch Nabari No Ou to find out!


  1. wow mukhang interesting ang anime na ito ah san po siya pwedeng panoorin po.

  2. I've provided the link inside my post where you can watch this anime series